Covid Guidelines

With all sincerity, there is nothing more important to us than keeping everyone in our cafe safe, whether guest or team member.

This was true before coronavirus, with our 5* Hygiene rating and is absolutely true now.

We’ve worked closely with a leading hygiene company and with their guidance, internal changes & Audit, we have created comprehensive Red Cup Cafe coronavirus safety standards / Risk Assessment.



Please note we will be operating under strict safety measures. Your temperature may be taken on arrival and you may be refused entry if you have a higher than normal body temperature. We, at the café, are all checked twice a day.

We will still offer you our warm welcome and make your experience a memorable one. You’ll notice some things are just a little different – please bear with us!

– Please wait to be seated by one of the team members; whilst waiting, please use the touchless hand sanitiser and take a selfie!

– All food and drinks will be table service only; for the comfort of our guests, we request that you stay seated as much as possible and avoid touching unnecessary areas.

– Please observe the signs, markings & any guidance from our team.

– We will bring all cutlery, food & drink, as well as taking payments to your table to avoid you getting up. Need anything else? Just smile & wave.

– The toilets have foot openers located on the bottom of the doors as an option if you want to avoid using the handles. The soap dispensers & taps are now touchless.

– We will be checking and the toilet areas every 30 mins or earlier if required.

– We have spaced the tables 1 Metre + apart & have an Air Purification System in operation which we ask you do not touch or block.


We have a large kitchen so physical distancing is not an issue for us. Our prep areas were always separate & as Henal and Reena live together, we are our own bubble !

We have always been washing our hands and sanitising areas between tasks, we will now increase the frequency, so it’s even safer.

We have organised with suppliers to not deliver during service to avoid anyone from outside in the kitchen.

If in doubt – please feel free to ask! We want to make your visit to Red Cup Café as enjoyable as before, but in a more safe and secure way.


1. Wait & Sanitise
2. Take a Selfie
3. Please Sit & Avoid Touching Things.
4. Look Around
5. Order Food & Drink
6. Eat, Drink & Enjoy
7. Rub Tummy with a Smile
8. Go 4 A Pee
9. Adult Pays
10. Wave, Smile, See You Soon

Coronovirus Risk assessment

Company name: Red Cup Cafe
Date of assessment : 10th May 2021
Assessment carried out by: Reena Chotai
Date of next review: 17th June 2021
What are the Hazards? Who might be harmed and how? What are you already doing to control the risks? Who needs to carry out the action? When is the action needed by? Done
Spread of Covid-19 virus Staff Staff Health & Hygiene procedures understood and followed by staff Manager & Staff 11/05/21
Staff do not attend work if showing symptoms, or
been in contact with someone showing symptoms of
Manager & Staff 11/05/21
Stringent handwashing procedures are in place and
Manager & Staff 11/05/21
All handwash sinks are stocked with antibacterial
hand soap & blue roll
Manager & Staff 11/05/21
Cleaning – Increased kitchen sanitising schedule in
place & followed
Manager & Staff 11/05/21
Kitchen staff to change into uniform on site –
Uniform not worn to or from commute to work
Staff 11/05/21
Physical distancing – staff work in their own
designated areas of the café to physical distance
within 1m+ of each other
Manager & Staff 11/05/21
Customers Food is prepaid or paid via contactless card where
Manager & Staff 11/05/21
Physical distancing – customers to remain seated,
with limited movement in cafe
Manager & Staff 11/05/21
Toilet Areas to be sanitised every 60 minutes Manager & Staff 11/05/21
Delivery Drivers All deliveries to be left just inside the back door –
delivery personnel restricted in kitchen
Manager 11/05/21